Social Psychology

Tuesday, 4/14

A-Team/go over abnormal tests; Score Practice AP Exam (2014) HW: Practice AP Exam reflection.

Wednesday, 4/15

Circle & dance activity; unit t/f, Mod 55 ppt.

Thursday, 4/16

Stanford Prison Experiment webquest; Mod 55 notes sheet HW: study for Mod 55 quiz tomorrow!

Friday, 4/17

Review Mod 55 stuff; take mod 55 quiz. Start Mod 56--conformity & Asch. Fun w/freshmen experiment!

Monday, 4/20

Conformity. Asch experiment. Normative v. informational social influence practice.

Tuesday, 4/21

Obedience & Milgram Experiment. Mod 56 ppt. w/ activities.

Wednesday, 4/22

Mod 56 practice quiz and 56 notes. Start Mod 57. Implicit Bias article.

Thursday, 4/23

Mod 57: Anti-Social Relations. Implicit Bias Test Link. 57 ppt. 57 notes. Susan Boyle clip .

Friday, 4/24

Mod 58: Pro-Social Relations. What is aggression discussion. Mod 58 ppt (start w/slide 4). Kitty Genovese reading. mod 57-58 practice quiz with answers.

Monday, 4/27

Due: Concept Maps. Social Psych Unit Test! HW: 2004 practice AP test.

Unit Review