Sensation & Perception

Monday, 11/7

" TARGET="_blank">Video to kick off unit. Sensation & Perception (Mods 16-21).
Class discussion on which sense is most important/which one would we be okay living without/would you rather be blind/deaf.
Unit t/f.
Mod 16 ppt.
Cocktail Party Effect in-class demo. Inattentional blindness video. Pictures.
HW: finish compiling your sleep study packet (due tomorrow)

Tuesday, 11/8

Review all terms from yesterday. Continue with and finish the Mod 16 ppt/in-class demos.
Video Clips: color-changing card trick (selective attention); Al Gore RATS (subliminal messaging)
Jeff Milner's backmasking website (subliminal messaging)
Extra: absolute threshold demo. Pitch thresholds.

Wednesday, 11/9

FInish thresholds notes/demos. Difference threshold demo. Threshold practice worksheet.
Started vision notes. Eye diagram. Visual Capture clip.

Thursday, 11/10

Finished visions notes from yesterday. Retina Diagram. Blind Spot Demonstration. Artificial Cornea Transplant Clip. Blindsight clip one, clip two, clip three.

Friday, 11/11

Sub Day--Concept Map work time

Monday, 11/14

Ear Diagram. Hearing notes Powerpoint.
How Hearing Works Video Clip--really good!!
Hearing Test.
How old are your ears test? Another test...
First Time Hearing With a Cochlear Implant 1.
Cochlear Implant Clip 2.
Cochlear Implant Clip 3.
Cochlear Implant Clip 4.
Cochlear Implant Clip 5.
Deaf Football Team Clip.
If you ever want to watch an interesting documentary (maybe on Netflix?) about deaf culture and people who refuse to get their children cochlear implants, here's the trailer. It's called Sound and Fury.

Tuesday, 11/15

Vision & hearing practice quiz. Review hearing ppt super fast. Sound localization demo. Touch ppt and demos: one or two-prong touch sensitivity; ice-bucket pain challenge.
Touch review & Phantom Limb clips: one, two, three. Vestibular Sense and Kinesthesis notes
and demos. Taste notes and demos. Smell notes and demos.

Wednesday, 11/18

Sensation Quiz. Start Mod 19 Notes/demos. OSU Marching Band Practice!

Thursday, 11/19

Finish Mod 19 Notes from yesterday. Visual Cliff video (start at 30 seconds)
Perceptual Goggles play time! (Perceptual Adaptation)
More vision fun here!

Friday 11/20--Sub Day

C-Map/Reading work time and study resources practice time.

Monday, 11/23

Tuesday, 11/24

Sensation & Perception Unit Test! Mods 16-21 concept maps due!

Unit Review

See the videos below for some great unit review. Also, the following links have some really great multiple-choice review Qs as well! I highly recommend you utilize these!