Psychological Disorders & Therapies

Tuesday, 4/5

Due: take-home test & concept maps. Go over first practice AP test together; T/F abnormal. What is normal/abnormal? abnormal experiments instructions. Intro ppt. Lobotomy Video. HW: Mod 65 notes edpuzzle. (or on Youtube here)

Links to Check Out

Hypersex to Hoarding--New DSM 5.
Ignore the DSM5's 10 Worst Changes.
Where Have All the Normals Gone? Article & TED talk (at the bottom of the article page).
Bellvue: InsideOut Documentary.
Inmate Who Died While Guards Laugh.

Wednesday, 4/6

Defining disorders wksht, Mod 65 recap. Anxiety Disorders.
HW=OCD, and Trauma Related Disorders Edpuzzle video.

Thursday, 4/7

OCD, BDD videos.

Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Trauma & Stressor Related Disorder Video Clips

Chad OCD.
Howie Mandel OCD.
What a Panic Attack Feels Like.
OCD Woman.
OCD Man.
Phobia Party.
Pickle Phobia.
Body Dysmorphic Disorder Part 1; Part 2.

Friday, 4/8--I'm Out

Concept Map work day--be done with 65, 66, & 69

Monday, 4/11

Somatic Symptom & Related Disorders ppt & video " TARGET="_blank">clip one; video clip two.
Dissociative Disorders ppt. DID Clip, Amnesia w/Fugue Clip. Example 2.
Herschel Walker Clip. Pt 2. (D.I.D.)
D.I.D Stories
HW: Bipolar & Depressive Disorders Edpuzzle/Youtube video.

Tuesday, 4/12

Review all disorders, Personality Disorders ppt; Clip One, Clip Two, Personality Graphic Organizer. HW: Schizophrenia Edpuzzle

Wednesday, 4/13

Personality Party! Review Schizophrenia w/clips. HW: Disorder Practice One, Two.

Schizophrenia Spectrum Video Clips

Thursday, 4/14

Go over HW, Childhood Schizophrenia Clip. Disorder Quiz. Therapies assignment--8 paragraphs due Tuesday. How NOT to do therapy.

Friday, 4/15

Psychoanalytic Therapy: Clip.
Humanistic Therapy: Clip 2. Active Listening on "Everybody Loves Raymond"
Behavioral Therapy: Classical Conditioning: Counterconditioning Techniques: Systematic Desensitization, Flooding, Exposure Therapy, Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. Operant Conditioning:
Cognitive Therapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Clip (Best to start at 3 minutes..)
Group Therapy:
HW: Biomedical Treatments Edpuzzle/Youtube video

Notes ppt.

Monday, 4/18

Finish therapies & notes from Friday.

Tuesday, 4/19

Psychotherapy practice; Therapy notes. Biomedical Therapies ppt. Unit Review wkshts. HW: study for test, finish concept maps
--Illinois Psychologists Can Now Perscribe Medication.
Youtube Clips:
How Prozac (SSRI) Works.
rTMS for Depression.
Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression.

Holistic Healing & Psych Disorders

The Evolutionary Mismatch. Great Video!
Holistic Psychiatrist.
The Surprsing Role of Nutrition in Mental Health TED Talk.

Wednesday, 4/20

Unit test! Concept Maps due.

Unit Review