Political Beliefs & Behaviors

Tuesday, 10/18

Political Ideology Notes. Political Ideology Survey.

Wednesday, 10/19--PSAT No Class

Thursday, 10/20

A-Team & Test Return. Debrief presidential debate from last night. Political Ideology & food simulation.
HW: political roundtable questions.

Friday, 10/21

Political Roundtable: School Vouchers

Monday, 10/24

Demographics & Political Ideology

Tuesday, 10/25

Political Culture & Shared Beliefs

Wednesday, 10/26

Political Socialization & Intro to Polling

Thursday, 10/27

Interpreting Public Polling Data Exercise.
Question Link for roundtable tomorrow: click here. PR Resources.

Friday, 10/28--EARLY RELEASE

Political Roundtable: Thurd Party Voting & Mandatory Voting

Monday, 10/31

Practice Quiz. How to poll notes.

Tuesday, 11/1 & Wednesday, 11/2

Thursday, 11/3

West Wing! Season 2, Episode 4 (Intro to Ainsley)

Friday, 11/4--Sub Day

West Wing! Season 2, Episode 5

Monday, 11/7

Kahoot Review AND presidential electoral map predictions via 270towin.com

Tuesday, 11/8--Election Day!!

Mock Election! Unit Test!