Friday, 3/11

A-Team/Test Return, Intro to Personality: Psychoanalysis Notes PPT.
HW: Edpuzzle or Youtube video.
HW Due Tues: Learning Unit Review: 1. take the multiple-choice test here. Write down your score, and what concepts you struggled with. 2. Complete this wksht and this wksht.

Monday, 3/14

Freud situation practice, Defense Mechanism ppt; Defense Mechanism Cheat Sheet; HW: DM Practice 1, 2

Tuesday, 3/15

Went over HW answers, Defense mechanism skits; Psychosexual stages of development ppt. Psychosexual stages notes sheet.

Wednesday, 3/16

Review DMs and Psychosexual Stages; Projective Testing Notes and Activities. HW: Edpuzzle video on the Neo-Freudians or Youtube here.

Thursday, 3/17

Evaluating the Psychoanalytic Theory. Humanistic Theory ppt. HW: Humanistic Discussion Qs. Sudy for the Mod 44 quiz & prepare your binder for the binder check!

Friday, 3/18

No class-Day of Service

Monday, 3/21

Mod 44 Quiz Take the Neo-FFM test AND score it.

Tuesday, 3/22

Wedneday, 3/23

Unit Review w/ SNL

Thuesday, 3/24

Receive Unit Test; 4-Theory Word Sort Review

Unit Review