Tuesday, 10/4

A-Team reveal, test debrief, intro to the nervous system relaxation demo w/loud noise, unit T/F, intro quiz. HW: Neuron EdPuzzle. Youtube Link.

Wenesday, 10/5

Pipecleaner Neurons! Arm metaphor, three types of neurons review. Neuron notes ppt. Ankle squeeze chain demo. Press on arm: all-or-nothing response. Foyer for nerual communication/neruotransmitter demos.
Neuron Video 1. (Start at 1 minute in)
Neuron Video 2.
Neuron Video 3.

Thursday, 10/6

Field trip to the bathroom! Human synaptic gap demo. Notes supplement.
If you are still having trouble understanding, click here. Click on Main Menu, then Neuroscience and Behavior, then Neural Communication. Complete the module.

Friday, 10/7

Neurotransmitters ppt. Explored Mouse Party to see how illegal drugs effect neurotransmission. NS ppt. (only slides 1-2). Delicate Balance Between Excitation & Inhibition.

Monday, 10/10

Neuraltransmission review sheet. Dollar bill demo. Endocrine ppt. Endocrine man. NS & ES practice scenarios. HW: Study for your quiz.

Tuesday, 10/11

Mods 9 & 10 Quiz. How we study the brain and Phineas Gage.

Wednesday, 10/12

" TARGET="_blank">Lego Phineas Gage! Finish how to study the brain notes, begin labeling/coloring parts of the brain! Got through the brain stem and limbic system. Brain diagram. My diagram.

Thursday, 10/13

#tbt: phrenology. Finished coloring/labeling parts of the brain (cerebral cortex). Cerebral Cortex diagram. My diagram. Broca's Aphasia. Wernicke's Aphasia. Introduction to the Brain Superheros and Sidekicks Project.

Tuesday, 10/18

Brain structure review: Pictionary! Brain Plasticity: Ben Carson. Prosthetics. Baby born without a brain. Missing Cerebellum. Chronic Pain and Plasticity: mirror-box therapy. House episode.

Wednesday, 10/19

Pinky & the Brain. Hemispheric Specialization. ppt. Severed Corpus Callosum Clip. Class demos: direction of eye glance, Wagner preference theory, drawing upside down.

Thursday, 10/20

Bad Night at the ER practice. Plasticity and Hemispheric Specialization videos/demos catch up.

Friday, 10/21

Brain practice quiz (with answers) Gabby Giffords 20/20 documentary (demos plasticity and aphaisia) /Unit review day (concept map work time, brain superheros work time)

Tuesday, 10/25

Unit Test! Concept Maps Due. Binder check is: Thursday

Wednesday, 10/26

Share out brain superheroes!!

Unit Review

See the videos below for some great unit review. Also, the following links have some really great multiple-choice review Qs as well! I highly recommend you utilize these!

The Nervous System Practice Multiple Choice.
The Brain Practice Multiple Choice.
Myers 'Flip-It' videos for confusing content.