Monarchs of Europe

Spain Week! Ch. 4, Section 1

Monday, 8/29

Seating chart. "Find someone who..." activity.
Hand out textbooks.
HW: Student Interest Survey & sign up for Remind

Tuesday, 8/30

Causes & Characteristics of Absolute Monarchies in Europe. Geography of Europe.

Wednesday, 8/31

Writing Sample.
Notes on Charles I/V and Phillip II Notes

Thursday, 9/1

Inbreeding in Monarchies.
Spanish Armada notes.
Spanish Armada game!

Friday, 9/2

Spain Practice Quiz.
Spanish Armada video.

France Week! Ch. 4, Section 2

Tuesday, 9/6

Absolutism in France notes. Primary Source Reading.

Wednesday, 9/7

Louis the XIV Notes.
Versailles Exploration.
HW: Louis XIV's daily schedule

Thursday, 9/8

French Monarchy practice quiz
Louis 14th clip.
Begin building your own Versailles!

Friday, 9/9

Palace of Versailles work day!

England Week! Ch. 4, Section 3

Monday, 9/12

Henry VIII and His 6 Wives (notes & graphic organizer)
HW: Anne Boelyn Letter (primary source

Tuesday, 9/13

Review from yesterday.
Notes on the differences between Parliament and Congress
(voting simulation)

Wednesday, 9/14

English Civil War graphic organizer cut-out notes & ppt
English Monarch Notes/discussion
HW: Trial Comparison: Charles I v. Saddam Huessein

Thursday, 9/15

Go over HW; Read about Oliver Cromwell & Barbados
Finish graphic organizer notes from yesterday.
England practice quiz.
HW: study for your Spain/France quiz tomorrow!

Friday, 9/16

Spain & France QUIZ.
Queen Elizabeth v. Queen Mary of Scots Video.

Russia & Unit Review Week! Ch. 4, Section 4

Monday, 9/19

Quiz Return.
Russian Monarchy Notes/discussion.
Ivan the Terrible clip.

Tuesday, 9/20

Compare and Contrast Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great
Catherine the Great Notes (ppt from yesterday)
Unit Study Guide work time.
HW: Study for your quiz!

Wednesday, 9/21

England graded quiz!
Chapter Review Sheet
6 Craziest Monarchs Ever!

Thursday, 9/22

Kahoot Review Day!


SWAT Review Day

Monday, 9/26

Unit Test!

Tuesday, 9/27

Watch the first presidential debate; test make-ups.