Monday, 2/1

A-Team/Test Return/Test Analysis, Unit T/F, Memory Review work time. HW: bring in something that motivates you! & memory review

Tuesday, 2/2

Mod 37 notes. HW: Read Mod 37 & Maslow Reflection. Mod 37 notes supplement.

Wednesday, 2/3

Mod 37 practice quiz, Maslow reflection discussion. Finding Nemo practice. Share what motivates you! HW: The Science of Appetite article & T-Chart.

Thursday, 2/4

Discuss article. Mod 38 ppt notes. Hunger notes supplement. HW: Read Mod 38

Friday, 2/5

Eating disorders notes. Begin "Thin"

Monday, 2/8 --I'm out..Sub Day

Continue watching "Thin"

Tuesday, 2/9 --SNOW DAY!

Happy snow day :)
1. First, check-in on how you are doing with this unit's material:
Should be read & mapped by now: Mods 37 (4 theories), 38 (hunger), 39 (sex)
2. Complete today's assignment: read & map Mod 40 and come to class tomorrow with three discussion questions from the text. You can write these Qs on an index card or slip of paper that I can collect. I will read these Qs aloud and we'll talk about them as a class! We all know you're on social media a ton, so hopefully it will be a relevant read.
3. Extra credit assignment due by Friday: since Valentine's Day is approaching, make 5 psychology term-related valentines to hang in the classroom. You cannot use the same term twice. You can use terms from any unit! Here are some examples below

Wednesday, 2/10

Mod 38 practice quiz & read "Psychology of Hunger" . Mod 39 notes & Mod 40 discussion
HW: Read Mod 82

Thursday, 2/11

Achievement/Work Motivation Notes Day. Inspiration from Michael Scott. Notes supplement.

Friday, 2/12 --2-hour Early Release

Mods 34-37 Quiz. Blob Tree Intro to Emotion! Review Qs. HW: Read Mod 41

Tuesday, 2/16

3 Theories of Emotions ppt. Emotion Theory Application. Emotions List. Emotion Project Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2, Exemplar 3. HW: read/map Mod 41

Wednesday, 2/17

Review Mod 41 stuff. Read this article and apply to theories. Begin nonverbal communication & reading emotion (Mod 42) HW: fear/digust scale
Class Extensions: Can You Read People's Emotions Quiz.
Your Body Shapes Who You Are TED Talk.
Want to be Happier?Stay in the Moment TED talk.
Why Are We Happy TED Talk.

Thursday, 2/18

Score fear/disgust scale & discuss. Lying, microexpressions, & the polygraph. Partner lying activity. Riley's first date!
Class Extensions: Can You Spot the Liar Activity. How to Spot a Liar TED Talk.

Friday, 2/19

Emotion Theory Application Presentations! HW: Type A or B Scale. (also can be found here)

Monday, 2/22

Emotion Modules practice quiz.
Stress & Health Notes: What is Stress? Stress Scale. Are you type A or B? What is General Adaptation Syndrome? Stress TED talk. Health Psychologist Profile.

Tuesday, 2/23--2-hour delay

Finished presentations; unit review

Wednesday, 2/24

MESH Unit test & concept maps due! HW: Develpment Intro

Unit Review