Memory-Enhancing Strategies for Students

1. Be motivated to learn. Motivation is a key component for learning and memory retention!
2. Attend class regularly.
3. Actively listen to the information presented. Sit toward the front of the class when possible, and in a location where distractions are minimal. Turn off cell phones and remove headphones.
4. Take notes on all concepts/terms written and presented. Ask questions when you don’t understand, or go in during office hours to get help.
5. Try to associate the information with something already in your LTM, preferably using some personal reference (self-reference effect).
6. Encode the information in a number of ways. Remember: we tend to retrieve information the same way it was encoded. Encoding in multiple ways makes it more likely you’ll be able to retrieve the information b/c you’ll have more pathways accessing that information.
7. Use mnemonics such as imagery, method of loci, peg words, etc.
8. Review your notes immediately after class (or as close to class as possible). Try to review the material frequently in the same room where your class meets (context-dependent memory)
9. Study in the same room at home or at the library where there are no distractions.
10. Use the spacing effect to your advantage – don’t cram! Remember: two rehearsals in a row are no better than one, but two rehearsals spaced apart are twice as effective as one! And one is better than none! ;)
11. Create a study group with other students in the class and meet regularly to review.
12. Before an exam, review your notes before getting ready for bed the night before and first thing in the morning. Research shows that REM sleep helps consolidate memories, especially procedural memories.

Interesting Memory Cases:

Thursday, 9/22

Wrote down our earliest memory, Part Two. Module 31 PPT and demos. HW: Dr. Chew E.C. due tomorrow!

Friday, 9/23--EARLY RELEASE

Using Imagery to help memory: Michael Scott Mnemonics: Clip1, " TARGET="_blank">Clip2, Clip3, Clip4...Mnemonics...Method of Loci...Peg Word System

Monday, 9/26

Continuation of Friday's lesson.

Tuesday, 9/27

Method of Loci practice. Storage Notes. Option: go to this website, then click on the "iconic memory" link to complete the module.
Types of long-term memory and brain storage. Clive Wearing clip.

Wednesday, 9/28

Retrieval Notes. Celebrity Recall v. Recognition. Practice Quiz.
HW: Forgetting EdPuzzle. Youtube link.

Thursday, 9/29

Memory Construction activity (most people recalled the word 'sleep'. Watched Jennifer Thompson's story (Part1, Part2). Misinformation Effect Demo.

Friday, 9/30

Wrap up memory construction. Forgetting Notes.

Monday, 10/3

Unit Test! (Concept Maps Due!) Here is your unit project!

Unit Review:

See the videos below for some great unit review. Also, the following links have some really great multiple-choice review Qs as well! I highly recommend you utilize these!
Myers "Flip It" videos for confusing content.