Linkage Institutions

Monday, 11/14

Here's what you're doing today :)

Tuesday, 11/15

Intro to political parties notes (function, etc)

Wednesday, 11/16

Why we have a 2-party system; obstacles to third parties

Thursday, 11/17

Third party research day

Friday, 11/18

Political Roundtable: Nuclear energy & nuclear war

Monday, 11/21

Third party research day

Tuesday, 11/22

Third party presentations D1; 4 types of third parties

Monday, 11/28

Third party presentations cont..

Tuesday, 11/29

Intro to elections. Here is the massive ppt we will be going through all week!

Wednesday, 11/30

Caucuses: what are they, how they work, class simulation!

Thursday, 12/1

Primary elections, delegate allocation, and superdelegates. PPT.

Friday, 12/2

State Elections: Initiatives, Referendums, & Recall Elections assignment.

Monday, 12/5

National Party Conventions

Tuesday, 12/6

Conventions & Electoral College

Wednesday, 12/7

Mid-Unit Quiz; Intro to Campaign Finance

Thursday, 12/8

Campaign Finance Notes.

Friday, 12/9

Campaign Finance cont..(see ppt from yesterday)
HW: prepare Qs for Monday. Click here for the Q link. Click here for the documents you need to read ahead of time.

Monday, 12/12

Citizens United/Campaign Finance Rountable!