Lifespan Development

Thursday, 2/25

Test reflection, A-Team, test return & analysis.
Went over homework Qs.
Development T/F ppt.
HW: Read/map mod 45 & send me a baby pic!
Infant & Toddler Notes. Infant Temperment Styles.

Friday, 2/26

A Child's Song. Mod 45 ppt. Mod 46 ppt.
HW: Mod 47 Edpuzzle
Also on Youtube here.

Monday, 2/29

Mod 45 & 46 practice. Baby pic guessing! Reiew Piaget's first & second stages.
Assimilation & Accommodation Examples.
Sensorimotor: Sense of Self.
Preoperational: Egocentrism. Theory of Mind. Conservation.

Tuesday, 3/1

Finish cognitive ppt. HW: Piaget Practice 1.

Wednesday, 3/2

Went over homework, did two other Piaget practice worksheets (here is one) (here is part of two) and went over the answers together. Fill out this graphic organizer for HW

Thursday, 3/3

Social Development ppts notes (Vygotsky, Harlow, Ainsworth). HW: Parenting Styles Inventory

Friday, 3/4

Finish Mod 48 social theorists (3 types of parents); Started Mod 51 & 52--adolescence notes
(biological changes & cognitive development) HW: Kohlberg practice wksht.
Notes supplement

Monday, 3/7

Kohlberg Review & Practice Day. HW: Erikson & Marcia reading and application.

Tuesday, 3/8

Erikson & Marcia notes. More Erikson practice. HW: read these two articles: "Is 25 the new cutoff point for adulthood?" and "Let's end adolescence".

Wednesday, 3/9

Adulthood ppt. Notes Supplement. DABDA! Unit Wrap-Up: Nature or Nurture?
HW: study for test!

Thursday, 3/10

Development Unit Test! Concept maps due!

Unit Review

Practice Exam 1.
Practice Exam 2.
**Test hint: review overgeneralization in langauage! :)