Monday, 11/28

A-Team and test return. Lemonade Experiment :) Review Psych Perspectives with crazy Black Friday people. Classical Conditioning Day 1 ppt.

Tuesday, 11/29

Practice Wksht. Example videos: Office, Attack of the quack, BGSU roommate.
5 principles of CC ppt. HW: Little Albert Wksht. Little Albert video (start a 1:20 or you will watch unnecessary stuff)

Wednesday, 11/30

More CC practice wksht & 2 articles. Another review video. Conditioning the pupil experiment. Went over HW. Squirt Bottle Experiment/debrief. HW: study for the Mod 26 quiz!

Thursday, 12/1

Ppt slide practice. Began how CC affects our lives ppt. Mod 26 quiz. Begin Operant Conditioning ppt notes/videos: puppy. walrus workout. Thorndike.

Friday, 12/2

OC notes continued. Practice worksheet. Big Bang Theory.

Monday, 12/5

Weekend review. Shaping demo. Schedules of reinforcement ppt. Practice worksheets. Helpful examples.

Tuesday, 12/6

OC Practice Quiz. Applications of OC ppt. Latent Learning Demo.

Wednesday, 12/7

CC v OC practice worksheet. Finish ppt from day before. Marshmallow video one. Video two. Learned helplessness demo. Observational learning ppt. Video.

Thursday, 12/8

Mods 26-30 Unit Test! HW: Cognition EdPuzzle. Youtube link here.

Observational Learning Videos:

Unit Review

Practice Exam.
Practice Application Questions.
Review handout.
Myers "Flip It" Videos for Confusing Content.