Intelligence & Testing

Monday, 1/11 (Two-Hour Delay)

Updated Binder Check Form (Q2 check is Wednesday, 1/20)
Semester Final Exam Return & Analysis
HW: Intelligence Discussion Qs

Tuesday, 1/12--SNOW DAY!

You would have received this assignment today in class, so feel free to get started today :) It will be due next Tuesday, 1/19

Wednesday, 1/3--SNOW DAy!

Your assignment for today: watch these videos and answer these questions. Due tomorrow! You can also continue to work on the assignment I sent out yesterday if you're feeling productive.

Thursday, 1/14

What is intelligence? Discussion and Unit T/F. Recap all snow day assignments and make sure everyone is on track. HW: finish the four theories assignment!

Tuesday, 1/19 (Two-Hour Delay)

G and Multiple Intelligences Notes Day. HW: Multiple Intelligences Survey.

Wednesday, 1/20

Multiple Intelligences discussion sheet and share test results. Kim Peek (savant) video. HW: Robert Sternberg's 'Why Smart People Fail'

Thursday, 1/21

Triarchic Theory & EQ notes. Grit Scale. Grit video clip. 4 Corners intelligence theory debate.
HW: study Mod 60--quiz tomorrow!

Friday, 1/22

Mod 60 Quiz. History of Intellgence Testing Notes. WWI test and WAIS test excerpts
HW: read Mods 61 & 62

Monday, 1/25

3 Requirements of a "good" intellgence test notes. Stats review. Another MI survey to check for reliability

Tuesday, 1/26

Intelligence extremes notes.

Wednesday 1/27

Nature v Nurture & Test Bias day. Mods 63/64 Notes.

Thursday, 1/28

Due: Concept Maps 60-64. Unit Test!
HW: Memory Review

Unit Review