Foundations of US Government

Monday, 8/29

"Find someone who..." Game
Government Officials Test for a Pocket Constitution!
HW: get syllabus signed

Tuesday, 8/30

Distribute AP Exam workbooks (class "textbook"). Democracy Is...discussion

Wednesday, 8/31

Difference between democracy & republic notes. End with this video.

Thursday, 9/1

Monty Python video.
Hobbes v. Locke notes.
3 theories of Power notes.
Prep for political round table discussion.
HW: 3 discussion Qs for political roundable discussion.

Friday, 9/2

Political Roundtable on the Electoral College (direct v. indirect democracy)

Tuesday, 9/6

Practice Quiz.
Foundations of the Constitution notes.
Articles of Confederation Strengths/Weaknesses

Wednesday, 9/7

Federalists v. Anti-Federalists primary source work

Thursday, 9/8

Receive personal constitutions!
Constitution Study Guide work time.
HW: Prepare Qs for political roundtable tomorrow.

Friday, 9/9

Political Roundtable on the National Anthem controversy/patriotism.
HW: work on the constituion study guide

Monday, 9/12

Constitution Study Guide work day

Tuesday, 9/13-Thursday, 9/15

Intro Constitution Project.
Project work time.
Political Roundtable Discussion Question Submission Form.

Friday, 9/16

Due: Constitution SG
Political Roundtable Discussion (Dakota Pipeline, Epipen)

Monday, 9/19-Tuesday, 9/20

Constitution Project Work Time

Wednesday, 9/21

Project Presentations!

Thursday, 9/22

Reviewed info from project, voted on class amendments, and reviewed the 27 amendments. Constitution Quiz on Monday!
HW: Political Roundtable Question Form.

Friday, 9/23--Early Release!

Political Roundtable Discussion on the controversy surrounding the televised presidential debates.
HW: study for your quiz!

Monday, 9/26

Constitution Quiz! Tonight's debate prep.
HW: Watch the 1st presidential debate! Use this sheet.

Tuesday, 9/27

Quiz return. Debate debrief. Who's Power Is it? Wksht to intro Federalism.

Wednesday, 9/28

Debrief Who's Power Is It Wksht
Begin PPT notes on Federalism.

Thursday, 9/29

Federalism Notes continued (got through the pros & cons). HW: Discussion Qs for tomorrow.

Friday, 9/30

Political Roundtable Discussion on federalism and the debate over legalizing marijuana.

Monday, 10/3

Federalism Scavenger Hunt Day!

Tuesday, 10/4

Cake Day & Fiscal Federalism. Practice.
HW: VP Debate Analysis

Wednesday, 10/5

Turn in & discuss the debate.
Pitfalls of federalism: Katrina video.

Thursday, 10/6

Unit SG. SCOTUS cases about Federalism webquest. HW: prepare Qs for P.R. tomorrow

Friday, 10/7

Political Roundtable Discussion on the US's role in Syria/Middle East/human rights violations; questions to ask the candidates during Sunday's debate.
HW: watch the presidential debate Sunday night!

Monday, 10/10

Debrief debate. Finish SCOTUS case search.
Extra credit "Meet the Candidates" night at Tipp tonight!!

Tuesday, 10/11

Go over SCOTUS cases. How to FRQ in AP Gov. (Practice)

Wednesday 10/12

Kahoot Review!

Thursday, 10/13

Unit Test!!