Foundations of Psychology: History & Research Methods

Monday, 8/29

Wrote a list of what comes to mind when we hear the word 'psychology', then looked at the etymology of the word and determined what psychology is the study of.
Penny Pitch Demo.
HW: Greek Myth of Psyche

Tuesday, 8/30

Myth of Psyche reading quiz!
Receive your AP Psych book (aka your best friend!)
Went over syllabus.
How to concept map! Instructions & Rubric. CMap guide. Student exemplars: one, two, three, four. Unit 1 over page example.
HW: Pre-Scientific Psych Edpuzzle. Here is the Youtube link if Edpuzzle doesn't work for you. Get your textbook covered!

Wednesday, 8/31

Thursday, 9/1

Read the story of Andrea Yates--applying the different perspectives/lenses to her behavior. Practice: student who is late to Bethel.

Friday, 9/2

Hand Mnemonic
Perspectives around the room. Behavior-Genetics Example.
HW- outrageous celebrity

Tuesday, 9/6

5 goals of psychology (ODEPI). Module 3 Subfields work time. List of psychologists. Answer document. Psychological careers supplement. HW: Finish Module 3 Subfields wksht

Wednesday, 9/7

Went over subfields wksht and discussed additional subfields.
Sports Psychology Example.
Limits of Intuition: Module 4 Day.
HW: Study for your quiz

Thursday, 9/8

Mods 1-3 Quiz
Finish why psychology psychology uses science (penny demonstration)
HW: Read Mod 4

Friday, 9/9

Descriptive Research Methods. Wording Effect ObamaCare/ACA.
HW: Correlation Research EdPuzzle/Read Mod 5. Here is the Youtube link.

Monday, 9/12

M&M sampling demo.
Correlation ppt notes. Smiling operational definition.
HW: Conduct your own correlation research study! Variable Ideas.
Click here for how to make a scatter plot and find the correlation coefficient in excel.
Guessing correlation coefficients practice exercise.

Tuesday, 9/13

Correlation practice (Challenger application and video, etc) & debrief personal correlation studies. Spurious correlations. HW: Experiment EdPuzle. Youtube link.

Wednesday, 9/14

Real correlational data.
Experiments: Sex-reflex demo experiment. IV/DV practice worksheet. Experiment ppt. notes.
Placebo Effect: article and discussion. "Mind Over Milkshake: How Your Thoughts Can Fool Your Stomach" Placebo video clip.
HW: Stats EdPuzzle. Youtube link. Great descriptive stats review if you need it (click on descriptive stats on the menu).

Thursday, 9/15

Stats day! Mod 3 practice quiz. Dice and bell curve demo. Stats practice pack. PPT notes. Notes supplement one. two.
HW: finish stats practice pack

Friday, 9/16

Went over stats homework. Ethics in psychological research. Briefly discussed some of the most famous unethical experiments in psych.
HW: Read the Facebook Experiment

Monday, 9/19

Stats Practice. Facebook experiment discussion. How to write a FRQ (2004 FRQ) & test review! HW-finish concept maps & study!

Tuesday, 9/20

Unit One Test! :) Due: concept maps mods. 1-8. HW=None.

Wednesday, 9/21

Unit Debrief: test return, reflection, Extra Credit Opportunity,
Intro Unit Two: true/false. Superior Autobiographical Memory Pt 1.
HW: Dr. Chew

Unit Review:

See the videos below for some great unit review. Also, the following links have some really great multiple-choice review Qs as well! I highly recommend you utilize these!

Module 1-3 MC Review
Mods 4-8 MC Review
Learnerator Review
Quizlet 1
Myers 'Flip It' videos for confusing content.