Enlightenment, Scientific Revolution, & French Revolution

Wednesday, 9/28

WWI pre-assessment; Enlightenment Debate Questions.
HW: Enlightenment Philosopher wksht.

Thursday, 9/29

Enlightenment Philosopher Cut-Out notes.

Friday, 10/30

Intro to the scientific revolution game.

Monday, 10/3

Enlightenment practice quiz. Unit test return, Scientific revolution people: Galileo primary source reading.

Tuesday, 10/4

Go over Galileo homework. Intro to the French Revolution notes & simulation.

Wednesday, 10/5

VP Debate!

Thursday, 10/6

Enlightenment & Scientific Revolution Quiz; French Rev. Documents. Notes continued (slides 28-27)

Friday, 10/7--7th period assembly

French Revolution Documentary (stop after the storming of the Bastille)

Monday, 10/10

Presidential Debate!

Tuesday, 10/11

Wednesday, 10/12

The Demise of the Monarchy Notes (slides 44-58) (March on Versailles, Escape of the Royal Family, French National Anthem)

Thursday, 10/13

Events review, Jacobins v. Girodins, French Revolution Documentary Continued (start around 30 minutes and end with the death of the king)

Tuesday, 10/18

Individual or Group hook/discussion/debate

Wednesday, 10/19

Reign of Terror primary source document analysis

Thursday, 10/20

3rd Presidential Debate

Friday, 10/21

Napoleon Notes

Monday, 10/24

Study Guide work day; crash course video

Tuesday, 10/25

Kahoot Review

Wednesday, 10/26

French Revolution Unit Test!