States of Consciousness


Thursday, 10/27

A-Team Reveal, Test Return/Reflection. "Sleep is the One Thing Missing in Busy Teenage Lives" Article & Discussion. Distribute sleep packets. Notes on biological rhythms, sleep stages, and theories as to why we sleep.

Friday, 10/28--EARLY RELEASE

Update sleep packets.
5 stages of sleep & 4 theories on why we sleep (finished ppt from yesterday)
Astronaut Practice.

Monday, 10/31

Update sleep packets
Sleep Disorder Notes and Video Clips!
Narco 1. Narco 2. Narco 3. Narco 4. Narco 5. Narco 6.
Sleep Apnea 1. Sleep Apnea 2.
Night Terrors/Sleep Walking 1. Two.
Narcolepsy & the Flu Vaccine.
HW: Edpuzzle on Dream Theory. Or watch it on Youtube here.

Tuesday, 11/1

Wrap up sleep disorders; Dream Discussion & Application of the 5 Theories. Notes Supplement.
Hypnosis Lesson:
1. Watch the EdPuzzle. Youtube link. Hypnosis ppt.
2. Here are some sugggestibility exercises that we would have done in class. You can have someone read them over you to see how suggestible you are, or you can read them to someone else to test them.
3. Check out these hypnosis clips:
a. High School Inductions.
b. College (funny)
c. Surgery Without Anesthesia (start the video at 12:40)

Wednesday, 11/2

Psychoactive Drugs Lesson:
1. Watch the EdPuzzle (sorry, I made this video a few years ago) Drug ppt.
2. Interesting new research about why we become addicted to things. Not sure how I feel about it...what do you think?
3. Technology Addiction.
4. Coca-Cola v. Water.

Thursday, 11/3

Fatal Familial Insomnia Documentary Link. ; Concept Maps & Test work time

Friday, 11/4

Concept Maps & test work time

Unit Review

States of Consciousness Practice Test.
Myers "Flip It" Videos for confusing content.