Cognition & Language

Friday, 12/11

A-Team, Test Return & Debrief. Decipher the Codes Challenge. Cognition/Langauge T/F ppt. EdPuzzle terms review. HW: Insight Puzzles: Rebus. Insight. Lateral Thinking.

Monday, 12/14

Go over puzzle answers. 2 Obstacles to problem solving notes. Intro to decision making: Surviving a Nuclear Holocaust.
HW: More puzzles!

Tuesday, 12/15

Lost at Sea Activity. Availability v Representativeness Heuristics notes and examples. HW: finish Mods 34 & 35--finishing them tomorrow! More puzzles!

Wednesday, 12/16 (30-minute class)

Heuristics/Overconfidence demo wksht, Colbert video clip. finish Mods 34 & 35 notes. HW: finish belief bias side; practice quiz

Thursday/Friday 12/17&18 (90-minute class)

Go over the belief bias worksheet and the practice quiz.
Language ppt notes, Pronounciation practice. and activities/clips. Linguistic determinism: One, Two, Many.
Joey tries to learn French (critical period). Genie clip (critical period). Babbling Stage.
HW: take-home test, optional Christmas logic puzzle.
Click Here for Semester 1 Exam Review

Monday, 1/4

Break debrief
Exam info: 2 FRQs, 70 multiple-choice questions (over 2 days)
History/Foundations: 5Qs
Research Methods: 13Qs
Memory: 7Qs
Neuroscience: 14Qs
Sensation & Perception: 12Qs
States of Consciousness: 5Qs
Learning: 10Qs
Cognition & Language: 4Qs
Partner study chart work time

Tuesday, 1/5

Partner study chart work time
HW: study the completed charts! (They are also posted on the semester review page here)

Wednesday, 1/6

Due: Cognition & Language Take-Home test/FRQ
Kahoot review!

Thursday, 1/7

2 FRQs (Semester Exam). Pick up Scantrons for tomorrow.

Friday, 1/8

Multiple-Choice Semester Exam

Cognition & Language Unit Review

Can animals talk? Husky clip. Teen texting: the new language discussion.