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"A conversation about what it means to be human"

Have you ever found yourself reacting to something just as one of your parents would--perhaps in a way you vowed you never would--and then wondered how much of your personality you inherited from them? To what extent is personality predisposed by one's genes? To what extent by one's environment?

Have you ever wondered why a baby finds a game of peekaboo so delightful? The infant reacts as if, when you move behind your hands, you disappear--only to reappear later out of thin air. What do babies actually perceive and think?

Have you ever awakended from a nightmare, and, with great relief, wondered why you had such a crazy dream? How often, and why, do we dream?

Have you ever wondered what leads to success? Are some people just born smarter? Does sheer intelligence explain why some people get richer, think more creatively, or relate more sensitively?

Have you ever become depressed or anxious and wondered whether you'll ever feel "normal"? What triggers our bad moods--and our good ones?

This is just a small sampling of some of the questions we will be exploring in class through the science of psychology!

Advanced Placement Psychology is a survey course that will mirror what students will experience in an intro-level college course for psychology. The course will examine how people think and act as humans, and students will be exposed to each of the major subfields within psychology. Students will also have an opportunity to earn college credit for successful completion of a score of 3 or higher on the National Advanced Placement exam in May.

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